Is it good taking your dog to dog parks?

I know people out there with their pets are exceptionally caring for them when it comes to dog care. They just want to make sure that their pet is just living in ideal conditions. Their pet is being fed well, living in ideal conditions and has it all what it takes to be a happy dog or any other pet. The pet lovers don’t need the persuasion to take better care of their pets as they are already overwhelmed with the love of their pets and even in some cases they could need help making their love and affection moderate towards their pets.

In the recent past we have seen a newly emerging phenomenon of the dog parks. Well, this sounds like a pretty amazing idea for your dogs to socialize there. But just like any other thing, these dog parks also have their certain pros and cons attached to them that we need to learn in detail before we make a plan to take our dog to the nearby dog park. Trust me this is not going to be that much simple and easy at all.

You do is certainly very loving and nice to you, but this just doesn’t imply that he or she is going to be as nicer to all once you take him out to the park, especially when it comes to gelling up with other dogs. Animal socialization isn’t at all in any way similar to the human socialization. Humans may react wisely in diverse situations and so they can tackle many situations just by using their wit and intellect. But this is not the case with the dogs. After all they are mere animals that need to be treated accordingly. If you consult a dog training guide, this would never recommend you to take your dog straight to the dog parks without setting ground for this in advance and also making your dog prepared for this new experience.

The reason behind this argument is that not all the dogs out there are loving and submissive. Some of them could be pretty fussy and messy even with their owners. Taking such moody dogs to such spots to socialize with other dogs could be a bit risky in terms that this is not essential your dog would react nicely to all out there, or even if he does, there is no guarantee that the dogs out there are going to be nice to your dog at all.

So it is always better to start socializing from micro level. Like first let you do socialize with your neighbors ‘dog or some other of your acquaintance. Start taking them to such places where other people may also come with their pets, observe their behaviors in such places closely. Once you realize that you pet has started behaving, this literally means that your pet dog is now all set to be taken to the dog park to socialize. Going to dog parks is not bad, but going without proper preparation is certainly bad.

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